Download the demo of Wauapp and try it

App catalog example available for iPhone and Android devices. You can modify the content from the content manager demo of this website.

  • What is it?

    Wauapp is a platform for creating electronic catalogs or electronic guides in any field: tourism, products and services, leisure, shopping, etc. Wauapp facilitates the interaction with users or customers.

  • Who is it for?

    Wauapp is aimed to institutions and companies that desire to present its services, products or resources in an attractive and interactive way. Wauapp is a tool that facilitates users loyalty.

  • Where does it work?

    Wauapp provides a native application for iPhone and Android, and web application for other devices, Blackberry, Windows Phone, tablets, etc.

The client applications of Wauapp (iPhone, Android, Web) are fully customizable and the appearance can be designed according to a corporate image.

Wauapp is multi-language and provides user loyalty program and notification manager.

Wauapp has a powerful content management system, implemented with a multi-user simple graphical interface. The content manager system manages all the information showed by the applications iPhone, Android and Web.